the DPJ Foundation


This years chosen charity for the Society is The DPJ Foundation, which is a charity supporting people working in agriculture with their mental health and wellbeing. DPJ was founded in Pembrokeshire in 2016 by Emma Picton Jones following the suicide of her husband Daniel. Agriculture is a profession at high risk of mental health issues and suicide, with 94% of younger farmers saying it is the biggest danger facing the industry and on average, one farmer a week taking their own life in the UK. .

The charity now works across Wales and provides key services for those in agriculture. These include a 24 hour helpline for those struggling with their mental health called ‘Share the Load’ and rapid access to counselling should it be needed, which is fully funded by the charity.

DPJ relies on the donations of the agricultural community to run its services. Every £50 donated will cover the cost of a free counselling session for an agricultural worker or the cost of a mental health awareness training session.