about the Society

Pembrokeshire Prospectors was formed in 1977 to raise the awareness of the hobby of metal detecting and interest in the history of Pembrokeshire. Since its creation, the society has published two sucessful books entitled, Pembrokeshire's Past, Lost & Found, Volumes 1 & 2. The society currently has 55 members and has a cap at 60.

The county is rich in history and finds by members range from Stone Age flint tools, Bronze Age axe heads, Roman, Viking, Medieval and Tudor artefacts through to Civil War and later. Many of the finds end up donated to local and national museums and some have been legally declared as 'Treasure'.

We hold monthly meetings and club searches for members within Pembrokeshire and offer a free finding service to anyone who has lost a valuable metallic object.

The society prides itself on its consideration for the environment and land owners who allow us to search their land.